When It Rains... a novel by Marjorie Spoto When It Rains... a novel by Marjorie Spoto
When It Rains... a novel by Marjorie Spoto

Special Thanks ...

Bob Spoto, my husband, for being beside me during the rollercoaster ride these projects have been. I wouldn't have been able to complete this without your belief in me. Clark Sammartino for taking the biggest risk and Pam Montgomery for pushing me to complete my book!  

Sonalysts Studios - Andy Toriello, Eric Toriello AND especially Rip Coleman You've inspired me when I didn't think I could go on! It was luck that we were on that same flight. I appreciate you assisted getting my project into Sonalysts. I couldn't have done it without you. 

Special Appreciation goes to Candace Fedonczak for giving me my hero. 

And to the Tuesday Night Editing Club - Jennifer White, Jessica Wenzel, Amanda Balasick, Robbie Hopcraft.

Kam Coyner, Rita Brown,  Gayle Hooker, Carl Schror & Lucille Schror, Jon Zahav, Paul Campbell & Eric Olin and the Entire Staff at the Providence Film Commission, Mike Ferrucci, Edward Shore, Dana Westercamp, Jessica Wenzel, Mark Fogarty, IFFM Film Festival.

Lucille Schror, Andrea Quirk and Pam Montgomery - For reading my book before anybody else and crying during the good parts! It was your persuasion that my story was good that kept me going to complete it. I will never forget either one of you! And once again, to my husband for reading every blessed version and being patient with my changes, typos, tears, sleepless nights, persistence, and for not stifling my vision.


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